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Acne & bad skin sufferers hail 'miracle in a bottle' $33.95 SKINKISSED serum for clearing their skin – it's the UK's Best Seller with a string of thousands of five-star verified customer reviews.

Now available for a limited time on Amazon in the USA

Everyone has been raving over a new Vitamin C Enriched Serum which helps to clear up scarring and spots - with one dubbing it a 'miracle in a bottle'.

The SKINKISSED brands 'Flawless Skin Serum' is manufactured in the UK under GMP standards & costs £24.95. It has made it onto Amazon's most-loved items list thanks to its string of five-star reviews.
The Cruelty-Free & vegan-friendly product is also suitable for all skin types. The Serum contains Hyaluronic Acid & the highest quality of Vitamin C which helps to banish pockmarks, scars, acne, and redness.
It also claims to reduce the appearance of stretch marks as well as fine lines and wrinkles.
Many customers have reported even better results when using the SKINKISSED Moisturiser Cream & Hydrating Aloe Vera Cleanser together with this Serum for even better results.

The 'Flawless Skin Serum' from UK famous brand SKINKISSED costs £24.95 and has made it onto Amazon's most-loved items list thanks to its string of five-star reviews.

The brand, which has accumulated a cult following of over 220,000 followers on their official Instagram page @skinkisseduk claims the product is so popular they're battling to keep up with demand, with their website quadrupling in revenue every month.
Many fans have shared dramatic before and after photos in the brand's Facebook Group and on their Official Facebook Page @skinkissed, with gushing comments about the wonderful brand.
One wrote: 'This is like magic. Thank you so much. I really recommend SKINKISSED. Nothing else like it.' My mum and younger brother are now also hooked on the brand's products.

Another commented: 'I did not believe all the reviews, and comments on social media at first. But due to the state of my skin and out of desperation, I decided to buy this facial serum. It's now three weeks ago and I use it every day, and oh my God the result is just magic. My pimples and scars are gone and my skin is smoother. I have even gone out for the first time in a very long time without any makeup and a naked face. I have now also purchased the brand's facial cleanser and hydrating moisturizer and the results just keep getting better.

The brand, which boasts 220,000 followers on Instagram, claims the product is so popular that they're battling to keep up with demand, with their website quadrupling in revenue every month

The serum was developed over several months working alongside a fully qualified, independent team of Chartered Chemists, Toxicologists, Microbiologists, and Regulatory experts who specialize in the formulation and testing services within the cosmetic and household goods Industry.
The website recommends applying 2 to 3 drops after you have cleansed and toned your face with the brand's Aloe Vera Face Cleanser, ensuring full coverage all over. Once it's fully absorbed into the skin, you can then apply the brand's newly launched Moisturizer Face Cream.
It warns: 'A soft tingling sensation is to be expected to maintain long-lasting hydration.

The serum was developed over several months in a laboratory with a dermatologist and pharmacist, where the 'unique formula combing the most popular ingredients in skincare' was formulated. They also use the most expensive and highest quality source of Vitamin C, known as 'Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate'. This source of vitamin c has been used for centuries to help achieve flawless skin.

Another fan hailed it a 'miracle in a bottle' after it made a huge difference to her acne-prone skin

According to the website, your skin should start feeling more hydrated and softer after using the serum a couple of times, while wrinkles and fine lines will start to disappear after three days.

On Amazon, 75 percent of the 2,900 reviews, award the serum five stars, with many happy customers calling it 'magical'

One wrote: 'I have used this for two weeks now and have noticed such a massive difference in my skin texture and complexion! I love it and think it's well worth a purchase!'

Another commented: 'If I had six stars, I'd give it six. I can't express enough how amazing this product is. I've recently been diagnosed with dermatillomania down to stress and anxiety.
'My skin quickly became very infected. Once I managed to get my skin under control, I started using this serum to heal my skin. I've been using it daily for a week now and I can't get over the results.
'I still have a few spots/blemishes however my skin looks less aggressive. Absolutely amazed.

The brand is currently running a Buy One Get One FREE promotion for the three most loved products on their official SKINKISSED website.

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