Flawless Serum
Flawless Serum
Flawless Serum
Flawless Serum

Flawless Serum



 Why try SKINKISSED™ Flawless Serum?

SKINKISSED™ is a formulation. Completely natural, designed to improve your skin.

We spent months in a laboratory working alongside dermatologists and pharmacists to develop a skincare formula that will help you achieve flawless skin.

We managed to source the most effective and natural ingredients in the whole of skincare. After much effort, we managed to combine the two most active ingredients to work in harmony with one another and help anyone get clearer and brighter skin.


The ingredients used in our Vitamin C Serum have been used for centuries to achieve natural and healthy skin, but it is only now that we have finally brought these two unique ingredients and combined them into one small bottle of joy.

Our serum's formula is based on ancient beauty ingredients that will nourish, enhance and leave your skin glowing. The key ingredients of our Vitamin C Serum are: 

 Vitamin C + Hyaluronic Acid 



 SKINKISSED™ has helped many customers with the following skin problems: 

☑️ Hormonal Spots & Inflamed Skin

☑️  Dry Skin, Breakouts & Blackheads 

☑️  Reduces Wrinkles & Fine Lines

☑️  Acne Scarring, Pigmentation, Eczema & Blisters.

☑️ Stretch Marks, Scald, Surgical Scars & Hyperplasia scars

SKINKISSED Will Strengthen & Repair Sensitive & Mature Skin, Leaving Your Skin Feeling & Looking Flawless Again. Suitable For All Skin Types. The Serum penetrates the skin cortex easily and softens the scar tissue. Promotes natural healing and renewal of your skin, rich in natural antioxidants, Oil-free and non-comedogenic.



Simply apply and smooth 1-3 drops to a cleansed and toned face, ensuring full coverage all over. Allow the serum to fully absorb into the skin before applying any creams or moisturizers.

A soft tingling sensation is to be expected to maintain long-lasting hydration. The lightweight formula can also be added to your daily makeup routine, as a primer for your foundation. Add a few drops before starting your base to achieve a fresh, dewy finish.

To experience maximum results, the serum is best used morning and night as part of your skincare routine.

 We are proud to inform you that our unique formula & ingredients have been manufactured in the United Kingdom under strict GMP standards. 

Feel and Look Young with SKINKISSED!

Our products are 100% cruelty-free


Aqua (Water), Rosa Damascene (Rose Water) Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Glycerine, Hyaluronic Acid, Phenoxyethanol.



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We offer worldwide shipping. Delivery within the UK is £6.95 and the rest of the world is £9.95

All orders above $60, qualify for FREE shipping.

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raque W.
United Kingdom

Wonderful serum

This is like magic. Thank you so much. Here are some before and after photos and me holding the old design of their bottle. I really recommend Skinkissed. nothing else like it

raque W. verified customer review of Vitamin C Serum
Natalie T.
United Kingdom

A miracle in a bottle

I swear by this product, what a difference in my skin overall !!

Natalie T. verified customer review of Vitamin C Serum
Jessica M.
United Kingdom

It helped a little

I have moderate-severe acne and redness. I have been using it 2-3 weeks. after about a week I could see quite a difference. I felt so happy my acne has finally cleared up Also found it a little sticky when using before bed I would have to put it on 1-1 1/2 hours before otherwise I’d stick to the pillow.

Jessica M. verified customer review of Vitamin C SerumJessica M. verified customer review of Vitamin C Serum
United States

Nice serum

In view of the comments and the state of my skin, I decided to buy the serum. It's now 3 weeks ago that I use it every day even as a makeup base and oh my god the result is just magic. My pimples are gone and my skin is smoother. The only negative is the size of the serum but in view of the results it is well worth it, I will also buy it. I recommend it 100%.

Anonymous verified customer review of Vitamin C Serum
Kara O.
United Kingdom

A customer for life.

just took afew days! great product, amazing customer service. what more could you want?!

Kara Olivia verified customer review of Vitamin C Serum
United Kingdom

Lovely product

The oil and my skin feels lovely when applied but the smell I’m left with is not very desirable. I could live with it and would probably get used to it over time but it certainly doesn’t carry a pleasant scent. I am not currently using the product as I am trying to rebalance my skin after a breakout. I bought the product due to the positive reviews.I am waiting until I feel confident with my skin to start using the oil again and maybe just at night to begin with.

Yasmine G.
United States

sadly disappointed with the shipping times

I am giving two stars because the serum arrived 3 days late and i was disappointed since i was giving it to my friend as a birthday present. I use the serum and the actual serum works great. but why did it have to come three days later than promised. :(

Ayesha B.
United Kingdom

only a small difference made

Purchased this after seeing so many celebrities and beauty bloggers raving about this brand. So many of my friends are using it and experiencing such amazing results. However, I’ve been using this twice a day after my facial routine for 2 days now but seriously I see only a small difference. It has not changed my skin much. My acne is slowly disappearing and working good with my redness. Looks like from the reviews that most people had much better results:( I wanted quicker and better results :(


Sorry to hear you have only experienced small results compared to what you were expecting. Please keep using it for a few more days and I am sure your acne will completely clear like you suggested. Again if you are unhappy please email us and we will offer a full refund. remember for each purchase made we donate 20% off the purchase to charities who help people fighting skin diseases.

United States

delivery not on time

Lack of communication. took a couple days longer to receive the products as they got lost in the mail. Was upset because it was a gift for someone


Hi Tisha, I am really sorry to hear that your product never arrived on time. If I was in your situation I would also be so frustrated if I was giving it as a gift and it arrived later than expected. Please email us at info@skinkissed.co.uk with your order number and I promise to rectify this for you. I have a special surprise for you. I understand this will not fix the problem, however, I want to do everything in my power to bring back your smile. Have an incredible day.

Kara P.
United States


So it’s been about two weeks since I started using Vitamin C serum and my results are breathtaking. The first few days my skin was a little irritated especially on my cheeks where I had most of my problem spots like discoloration, scarring etc. but after that my scars and discoloration disappeared. My skin feels/looks plump, hydrated and BRIGHT. This also is great to use under your makeup as a primer

Kara P. verified customer review of Vitamin C Serum