The SKINKISSED Flawless Serum
The SKINKISSED Flawless Serum
The SKINKISSED Flawless Serum

The SKINKISSED Flawless Serum

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 Why try SKINKISSED™ Flawless Serum?

SKINKISSED™ is a formulation. Completely natural, designed to improve your skin.

We spent months in a laboratory working alongside dermatologists and pharmacists to develop a skincare formula that will guarantee you results.

We managed to source the most effective and natural ingredients in the whole of skincare. After much effort, we managed to combine the active key ingredients to work in harmony with one another and to help anyone achieve flawless skin. 


The ingredients used in our Vitamin C Serum have been used for centuries to achieve natural and healthy skin, but it is only now that we have finally brought all these unique ingredients and combined them into one small bottle of joy.

Our serum's formula is based on ancient beauty ingredients that will nourish, enhance and leave your skin glowing. The key ingredients of our Vitamin C Serum are: 

 Vitamin C + Hyaluronic Acid 


 SKINKISSED™ has helped many customers with the following skin problems: 

☑️ Hormonal Spots & Inflamed Skin

☑️  Dry Skin, Breakouts & Blackheads 

☑️  Reduces Wrinkles & Fine Lines

☑️  Acne Scaring, Pigmentation, Eczema & Blisters.

☑️ Stretch Marks, Scald, Surgical Scars & Hyperplasia scars

SKINKISSED Will Strengthen & Repair Sensitive & Mature Skin, Leaving Your Skin Feeling & Looking Flawless Again. Suitable For All Skin Types. The Serum penetrates the skin cortex easily and softens the scar tissue. Promotes natural healing and renewal of your skin, rich in natural antioxidants, Oil-free and non-comedogenic.




Simply apply and smooth 1-3 drops to a cleansed and toned face, ensuring full coverage all over. Allow the serum to fully absorb into the skin before applying any creams or moisturizers.

A soft tingling sensation is to be expected to maintain long-lasting hydration. The lightweight formula can also be added to your daily makeup routine, as a primer for your foundation. Add a few drops before starting your base to achieve a fresh, dewy finish.

To experience maximum results, the serum is best used morning and night as part of your skincare routine.


We are proud to inform you that our unique formula & ingredients have been manufactured in the United Kingdom under strict GMP standards. 

Feel and Look Young with SKINKISSED!

Our products are 100% cruelty-free


Aqua (Water), Rosa Damascene (Rose Water) Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Glycerine, Hyaluronic Acid, Phenoxyethanol.



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Jaquie P.
United States

Not making this up

I’m 33 and starting to develop crepey skin around my eyes and I have tried numerous and expensive products as well as made changes to my diet all in the attempt to combat it to no avail. I don’t know if I was simply missing a key ingredient in my routine (even though I have used plenty of vitamin c serums), however this one seems to have done the trick. My skin texture has improved and the fine lines have truly diminished. I definitely recommend this product.

Jaquie P. verified customer review of Vitamin Serum - Friend's Bundle
United States

products that works on me.

im really loving the product, before i had a very dry skin and a visible melasma. ive been using skinkissed for exactly 2 weeks now and my face have improved alot. no more dryness and my face feel smoother and also my melasma slowly fading. skinned kiss gave my confident back and makes me feel beautiful again. i just hope my bottles will last me atleast 2 months but definitely order again. thank you skinkissed

Anonymous verified customer review of Vitamin Serum - Friend's Bundle
Jennifer B.

Fantastic serum

It's absolutely brilliant! A colleague of mine commented how good my skin looked. I would highly recommend!

Jennifer B. verified customer review of Vitamin Serum - Friend's Bundle
Mariana D.
United Kingdom

Amazing product

I'm using Skinkiss for almost 6 months now and I'm really happy with it. I had spots from tanning that didn't disappear and fine wrinkles and now it's all gone. I suggest to use it at least 3 months constantly and you definitely see results. I 'm going to use it all the time. Thank you

Mariana D. verified customer review of Vitamin Serum - Friend's Bundle
Michelle W.
United States

Yassss hunty

This stuff is amazing. It makes me prettier. My sister noticed my glow, so she started dipping into mine and now we're both ordering more. It even seems to be making my lips bigger. Not sure how that's possible.

Michelle W. verified customer review of Vitamin Serum - Friend's Bundle
Ester U.
United States


I’ve been using this product for almost a month and the results are outstanding my skin has been smoother but the best part is when I break out skinkissed clears it fast and not just that it has been helping my skin recover it’s natural color where now I don’t need foundation because skinkissed. This product is amazing and I love it very much❤️

Ester U. verified customer review of Vitamin Serum - Friend's Bundle
Chloe S.
United Kingdom

Very happy!

Hi, I am very happy with this serum, it has really improved my skin. It has a lovely lightweight feel and keeps my skin hydrated. It provides a great base for my makeup and is perfect for makeup free days. Thanks very much.

Chloe S. verified customer review of Vitamin Serum - Friend's Bundle
Zoe B.
United States


In a matter of a few weeks my skin really cleared using this product. I had acne for months and I couldn’t figure out how to get rid of it. Now my skin is so clear and hardly get breakouts at all! I love Skin Kissed! Plus is smells like daisies, which is awesome. Thanks Skin Kissed :-)

Zoe B. verified customer review of Vitamin Serum - Friend's BundleZoe B. verified customer review of Vitamin Serum - Friend's Bundle
Amanda S.
United States

Love it

Haven’t seen major results just yet but so far loving the serum!

Amanda S. verified customer review of Vitamin Serum - Friend's Bundle

Excellent serum

I found a big improvement in my skin using this serum. It took a good 2 weeks of using it to notice the difference but it's brilliant. Would definitely recommend it. I will be buying another one!

Anonymous verified customer review of Vitamin Serum - Friend's Bundle